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We at, Maruti Wiretech Pvt. Ltd. are committed to serve our customers by providing them superior quality of tape wrapped insulated winding wires for submersible pump-motors as per IS 8783 (Part 4-sec.3) : 1995, by adopting latest technology & keeping highest quality standard/checks from selection of raw material till dispatch of finish product.

We have the license from Bureau of Indian Standard (ISI) for making the cables under ISI MARK & by putting our continual efforts to upgrade the quality/service standards, we want to become a global leader of the product, we produce.

We take pride in introducing ourselves as one of India’s leading Manufacturers of Poly Coated Winding Wires of Submersible Pump & Motors.

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Our Quality Control Process

High voltage testing can be broadly classified into testing of insulating materials (samples of dielectrics) and tests on completed equipment. The tests carried out on completed equipment are the measurement of capacitance, the power factor or the total dielectric loss, the ultimate breakdown voltage and the flash-over voltage.
This test covers the determination of the linear shrinkage of a disturbed soil sample. It is a tedious and expensive test that is done only on soils (other than sands) when the dispersion percentage is >50 or volume expansion tests fail to saturate or shrink. This test is performed on dispersive soils only.
Megger test is also known as insulation resistance test. This method is used for determining the condition of electrical insulation has been widely used for many years as a general nondestructive test method. The test consists in measuring the Insulation resistance of a device under test, while phase and neutral are short circuited together.

Why You Choose Us?

The structure of insulation is oriented bi-axialy. Propagation of tears is difficult. Uniaxial orientation makes it easy to tear the insulation along the axis of the wire.

The multiple layer construction of MARUTI insures high dielectric quality of insulation. Any flow is limited to a single layer of the tape. The wrapping process places the insulation concentrically around the conductor.
Insulation is remarkable resistant to cut through and scrap abrasion.
It has remarkable constant & thousand times higher insulation resistance even at boiling point of water than PPl wire.
MARUTI Insulation adds significantly to the tensile strength of the insulated conductor through the mechanism of load transfer because the insulation has such a superior breaking strength. It will support the wire at each point where excessive stretching occur. Wire insulates with conventional materials will break since there is no support from insulation.

For short periods: +130°C Continuos: 60°Cto120 °C

The insulation is produced by bi-axially oriented polypropylene film. It has very high flex life in comparison to any other insulation materials.
IS :8783 (Part-4/Sec-3)1995
0.4 mm to 3.0 mm of conductor diameter

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